KIELDER: ONSITE / OFFSITE is a collaborative project between Newcastle University’s Fine Art Department and The Kielder Partnership. An ambitious year-long project, it explores opportunities for visual arts within the unique environment of Kielder Water & Forest Park.

ONSITE is the culmination of the project, a set of temporary works situated in and around the forest. The works are site responsive and interpret the forest in different ways. Although diverse they explore contemporary interrelated themes of narrative,  identity, place and transience.

After the end of September 2016 some works were removed – please see list of retained works here.

KIELDER: ONSITE / OFFSITE has been organised by Peter Sharpe (Kielder Partnership), Andrew Burton and Fine Art students (Newcastle University). Eddy Robinson has provided on-site and curatorial facilitation. Support has also been provided by Claire Lavender, Nigel Villalard, Kathy Barker and the technical staff at Newcastle University.

The project is funded by the Bartlett Fine Art Endowment. Supported by Forestry Commission, Northumbria Water and Kielder Art & Architecture.